What is SwiftTranslate™?

SwiftTranslate™ provides fast and quality translations by our community of Professional Translators located worldwide.

What is the purpose of SwiftTranslate™?

SwiftTranslate™ is best for documents that contain minimal text, and require fast translation turnaround time. Speed is of utmost importance.

As there are no Project Managers involved, we are able to pass more cost savings to you as our customer.

How do I use SwiftTranslate™ as a NEW customer?

You may follow the step-by-step guide at our website easily.

Simply select from the languages available and upload the document to be translated. You may also include some comments or instructions for the system-assigned translators in the "Comment" text box. An example would be – "please leave all brand names in English."

You will be asked to fill up your details so that a customer account may be created for you, before you proceed with payment. This is important so that you may re-use the same details for your next project with us.

How do I use SwiftTranslate™ as a REPEAT customer?

Please click the "Login" button on the top right corner of the screen; enter your username and password. Then proceed to select the language pair and upload the file to be translated before proceeding with payment.

What is the usual turnaround time for document translations?

Professional Translators can typically translate around 1500-3000 words per day, depending on the nature of content. This includes basic checks in areas such as as spelling, sentence structure and grammar.

Once you have uploaded the files, SwiftTranslate™ will indicate the turnaround number of days required in the webpage before you proceed to pay.

If you have a large project and require a team of translators to work on it quickly or a project that has artwork layout or web complexities, please contact our corporate office at +65 6577 4646 or email us at enquiry@verztec.com. Please visit our website at www.verztec.com.

What happens after I have made payment?

An Email Confirmation of your order will be sent to you once your payment is completed.

SwiftTranslate™ will automatically search for the best available Translator in our qualified network who can take up your project.

Once assigned to the available Translator, and the translator has accepted the project, SwiftTranslate™ will alert you by email so you will know right away.

Otherwise, SwiftTranslate™ will continue the search and keep you updated as soon as possible. Usually the search wait time ranges from a couple of seconds to a few minutes, depending on the time of the day and availability of translators.

In the event that there are no available translators, we will send you an email to notify you of the fee refund.

The Fee Refund will be made within 24—72 hours upon the notification.

If your project is accepted and in progress, SwiftTranslate™ will notify you of the deadline and a download link when the file is translated.

Please note that your translated files will also be available for download via your client login account.

Can I make changes to the source file after I've paid?

No, you are not able to make changes to the file you wish to translate after paying, so please ensure that you upload the actual and final file to be translated. No fee refunds will be made for incorrect file uploaded to SwiftTranslate™ for translations.

For questions or clarifications, please reach us at +65 6577 4646 or email us at enquiry@verztec.com. Please visit our website at www.verztec.com.

Is SwiftTranslate™ using Human or Machine Translations?

SwiftTranslate™ works only with Professional Human Translators. These Translators are native speakers based around the world and have at least 8-10 years of professional translation experience.

SwiftTranslate™ offers speed and convenience for your Translation Projects.

SwiftTranslate™ is the latest technology that automatically searches, matches and assigns your translation projects to actual Professional Human Translators in our Qualified Translators Network for your project.

Much effort is put in to ensure that only Professional Translators with substantial work experience and good track record are invited to join our SwiftTranslate™ community.

These Professional Translators are required to have at least an academic degree, to ascertain that they have the required linguistic skills and specialized knowledge.

90% of our Translators are certified by Professional Translation Associations & Certification Bodies such as the Swiss Association of Sworn Translators, American Translators Association, Australian Institute of Interpreters & Translators, German Federal Association of Interpreters & Translators, Arabic Translators' Association (ATA) and the Japanese Translator's Association (JTA) etc.

Additionally, our stringent selection process has been fortified with the implementation of language skill tests for prospective candidates. Only the Top 20 Percent is recruited onboard to handle customer projects.

Our 'Continuous Improvement System' (CIS) is also in place to provide continuous Assessment and Feedback of our Network of Translators. The customer feedbacks and review comments will be communicated to our Translators and this has proved to help them improve through time.

Also with (CIS), we are able to weed out consistently sub-standard Translators and this system serves as deterrence for Translators from submitting poor quality work.

For questions or clarifications, please reach us at +65 6577 4646 or email us at enquiry@verztec.com. Please visit our website at www.verztec.com.

What file formats are accepted at SwiftTranslate™?

We accept editable file formats which are not password protected – e.g MS WORD, PPT, EXCEL, NOTEPAD (.txt) and editable text without complicated table format in PDF.

RAR, Zip Compressed files and Scanned documents are not accepted as SwiftTranslate™ is not able to determine the word count to dispatch your project in good order.

When should I contact your main office?

  • If your file is scanned or in JPG format, our system is unable to determine the word count, and hence not able to process it.
  • In cases when there are elements of scanned images or tables in the editable files you will be uploading, the word count will not be taken into consideration and will not be translated or charged in the quotation.
  • If the content to be translated is confidential, you probably will require a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed first before proceeding further.
  • If the accuracy of the content to be translated is very important, we strongly recommend you to contact our main office for assistance.
  • If you require Document Certification or Notarization services.
  • If you have special instructions or style guide for our translation teams to take note of – like certain lines of text not be translated.
  • If your document word count is more than 5000 words or for file formats not currently accepted by SwiftTranslate™.
  • If the language pair(s) you require is not found on the main page – however, please note that we are able support more than 100 languages through our Managed Translation Services Team, just that it may not be supported by SwiftTranslate™ automated system at this time.

In such cases, please contact our main corporate office +65 6577 4646 or email us at enquiry@verztec.com or visit us at www.verztec.com.

How do I overcome technical issues encountered?

Please contact our Technical Support team at techsupport_swifttranslate@verztec.com with your questions and/or screen shots if any, leave down your contact details including mobile number and allow some time for them to contact you.

If you have problem receiving emails from SwiftTranslate

Please add our domain swifttranslate.com to your Trusted Senders list so that it will not go into your Spam folder. Do check your junk mail if you indeed did not receive any email from us after your order was paid.

How do I pay at SwiftTranslate™?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal payments.

How does SwiftTranslate™ ensure the confidentiality of the documents that it handles?

We observe the strictest confidentiality with regards to the documents that we handle for our clients. Non-disclosure Agreements that are bound by law, are signed with the Translators before the commencement of any project or engagements with us. All Translators fully understand that they are not allowed to disclose, distribute or reproduce any content and documents from our client projects.

File Server Management are also handled within a secured and monitored network environment with state-of-the-art Security systems and Network Firewalls.

Without authorized permission delivered in writing from our clients, we will not disclose any information pertaining to the documents that we handle. We also do not sell or share personal details with any third party organizations.